Printed Circuit Board Assembly


    Our Printed Circuit Board Assembly services provide you with choice. We offer through-hole, surface mount or mixed Printed Circuit Boards, all produced to the highest quality. We employ state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, as well as adhering to thorough inspection, so that the boards produced meet our high standards, and your expectations.

    RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

    Praestar can help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) achieve rapid and cost-effective compliance with global environmental protection initiatives, including the European Union’s (EU’s) Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) legislation, which requires the removal of a number of hazardous substances, including lead, from electronic components. We can help our customers re-design, re-layout and qualify your non-compliant products and assemblies. We have separate “green” manufacturing stations designated with “RoHS Assembly” signage, as well as a separate RoHS wave solder machine for efficient Thru-Hole (TH) assembly. RoHS BGA placement is a standard process.

    Surface Mount, Thru Hole and Mixed Technology Manufacturing Services

    Surface Mount (SMT)


    • uBGA’s
    • 0201 packages
    • CSP’s
    • CCGA’s
    • BGA’s (including RoHS and double sided/mirrored assembly)
    • Convection reflow w/nitrogen
    • Flex circuits


    • Automated Pin Thru-Hole Assembly
    • Press fit connectors
    • Wave soldering
    • Selective soldering

    COB, Wire Bonding, MCM, FlipChip

    We know that you need to stay ahead of the competition, so we are focused on bringing you innovation that will get you there. Whether it is new assembly solutions, product testing methods or the embracing of new technology we work to improve our processes, so you can have the best and most up-to-date quality products.

    Technologies and Capabilities Include:


    • Class 10,000 cleanroom
    • COB and MCM
    • Epoxy die attach
    • Gold and aluminum wedge bonding Wire bonding
    • Encapsulation, glob top
    • Dam and fill process
    • Thin or thick film substrate
    • Plasma cleaning
    • Wire pull test
    • Die and ball shear test

    Integration / Box Build

    Praestar Controls offers complete turnkey box build services. From plastic packaging moldings to high quality metal fabrication goods, we ensure total customer satisfaction. Burn-in and temperature cycling are available upon request.

    AOI and X-ray Capability

    Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) By using the fastest automated inspection system available today we are able to keep up with the highest-capacity surface mount lines with a single AOI system.

    Our Teredyne AOI features a high-speed X-Y positioning platform, new image detection, acquisition architecture that complete the scan, diagnosis and board handling cycle greater than twice the speed of competing alternatives.teradyne

    X-ray Designed for heavy production environments X-ray is used to inspect raw PCBs and assembled PCBs containing advanced components such as BGAs, uBGAs and Flip Chips. This versatile system features patented, award-winning X-ray camera technology that generates high-resolution, high-sensitivity images, revealing defects as small as 0.001 inch with a full one inch diameter field of view.

    X-ray inspection is often paired with the electrical testing provided by ICT or functional test. It is an ideal low cost solution for verifying prototypes as well as complex boards in volume production.

    Burn In and Temperature Cycling

    Discovering product flaws before your product reaches the market is critical. By utilizing our environmental test chambers and our burn-in racks, our customers can:

    • Reduce product development time
    • Increase customer confidence
    • Ensure product quality and reliability
    • Forecast life expectancy
    • Reduce costs
    • Increase profitability
    • Reduce after sales service
    Our environmental chambers time proven mechanical refrigeration can monitor single or cascading temperatures down to -84 degrees C. Low-mass nichrome heating elements are used to reduce thermal lag and provide rapid response to instrument demand up to 190 degrees C. Uniform conditions within the chambers are assured through the use of a vertical-down recirculating conditioning system.

    Pin Insertion

    AutoSplice’s automated pin insertion system is a cost effective solution for small to medium volume, high-speed insertion. It is capable of to 12,000 insertions per hour and has a variety head configuration. Please contact Praestar to discuss your specific needs with regard to our capabilities.

    Component Programming

    Praestar uses two DATA/IO 3900 programmers with algorithms to support over 9000 devices. We have the ability to interface with 46 different device package styles.

    Component Rework Capability

    Praestar is able to offer innovative solutions for nearly every kind of rework, including the latest advanced packages (BGA, QFP, CSP, 0201, etc.) Our SMT rework process includes the following process steps:

    • Direct chip attach (DCA)
    • Reflow solder and component removal
    • Residual solder removal
    • Solder paste application
    • Placement and reflow of new component

    Component Procurement/Warehousing

    We work closely with our customers to select preferred suppliers, as well as to identify and minimize supply risks. By monitoring and forecasting immediate and extended supply/ demand situations, we accurately develop risk assessment and management strategies on our customer's behalf. With a common part numbering system which provides immediate visibility to what components are in inventory, on-order and of component movement/ allocation. Commonality of part numbers promotes a consistent and disciplined approach to execution of plant level planning, purchasing and production tasks.

    Advanced Manufacturing Services

    Technologies and Capabilities Include:


    • 0402 and 0201 package types
    • Chip Scale Package (CSP)
    • BGA and uBGA double-sided/mirrored
    • BGA assembly
    • COB and MCM
    • Direct and multiple chip attach
    • High pin count press fit
    • Gold and aluminum wedge-bonding
    • Wire-bonding
    • Flex Circuits
    • Wave solder
    • Selective soldering
    • Aqueous cleaning

    Contract Design and Manufacturing of Electronic Assemblies

    • Engineering, design and layout utilizing Accel EDA (P-CAD) 2002 Software
    • Quick turn Prototypes
    • Surface Mount and Thru Hole assembly: BGA to Descrete's 0201s, CSPs. Doublesided / Mirrored BGA Assembly, Press Fit Connectors.
    • Plastic, Ceramic and Micro BGA technology with X-Ray Inspection
    • Flip Chip and COB Technology
    • AU and Al Wire Bonding Technology
    • Real Time tracking through integrated bar coding systems
    • Automated Optical Inspection
    • Low to Medium Volume Production
    • Higher Level Assembly - Box build and configuration of a finished product
    • Products manufactured to meet or exceed IPC 610-2 or -3 standards

    Technology and Equipment:

    • MPM UP2000 screen printers visually align stencil with PCB and perform 2D solder paste verification
    • 7 - independent assemble on surface mount lines have combined placement capabilities of 100,000 components per hour (cph) capable of placing 0201 packages
    • Teredyne Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) Station
    • Philips ACM (Advanced Component Placement) for bare die and Flip Chip devices
    • Kulicke and Soffa 8090 large area wedge bonder combines incredible speeds (5 wires/second) with the industry's largest bonding area, finest pitch (5.2 Micron accuracy) capability, and highest reliability.
    • White vertical and horizontal "PowerFile" automated inventory retrieval systems
    • Data I/O component programmer


    • We deliver quality, defect-free assemblies through proper utilization of advanced test technologies including In-Circuit (ICT), functional, environmental and system test. We also offer RF test capability
    • 2 Teredyne Z1850 In-Circuit testers
    • Agilent 3070 Series II In-Circuit tester
    • 2 - Cincinnati Sub Zero Z32 Environmental Test Chambers
    • Tenney 942 Environmental Test Chamber
    • Hewlett Packard Spectrum Analyzer and signal generator.


    • BOM (Bill Of Material) including reference designators
    • AML (Approved Manufacturer List)
    • Assembly Drawings
    • Applicable ECN’s Board pcb CAD file (such as neutral file)
    • X & Y component centroid data
    • Board gerber files including stencil gerber file (aperture list required if apertures are not embedded).
    • Board panelization file or drawing (if applicable)
    • Test Specifications (if applicable)

    Component Programming

    • Electronics file or master device
    • File format
    • Checksum
    • Revision or version of file
    • Reference designator of device to be programmed
    • Manufacturer and part number of device
    • Package type and pin count

    Documentation and Manufacturing Specifications

    Standard Materials 
    Solder PasteKester Easy Profile 256- 63/37
    Core solderKester 245 #58 63/37
    Bar solderKester 63/37 Ultra Pure
    Wave Solder Spray FluxKester 973
    Cleaning agentKyzen Aquanox A4520 in 18-22% concentration


    Board (Panel) size50mm x 50mm440mm x 407mm 
    Board thickness0.4mm4.0mm 
    Board (Panel) break - away rail5mm Break-away rails should be on the two long sides of the board panel
    Component to board (Panel) edge5mm  
    Board Fiducials0.50mm3.0mm1mm preferred located in opposite corners of the board. Fiducials must be present on top and bottom copper and stencil layers
    Local Fiducials0.50mm3.0mm1mm preferred located in opposite corners of all components 0.025" pitch or less.
    Distance between Chip components0.5mm 0201,0402,SOT-23, etc
    Distance between IC's0.7mm  
    Lead Pitch16mil  
    Component size for vision placement 60mm 
    Component height for machine placement 10mm 


    Wire Bonding   
      Standard Materials 
      Bond type Wedge-wedge
    AdhesiveAble bond 967-1 (low temperature two component silver filled, electrically conductive epoxy adhesive).
    Encapsulant Hysol FP4401 (liquid epoxy encapsulant)


    Gold Wire Size   0.0007”0.020” 
    Aluminum Wire Size0.001”0.020”
      Bondable area16.0”14.0” 
    Bondable Device Size 2.50” x 2.50”