Smartsticks Expandable IO System

    Smartsticks™ I/O
Terminal Block Style Expandable I/O System for PIC

    Smartsticks™ I/O
Terminal Block Style Expandable I/O System for PIC

    Unlike conventional PLC I/O, Smartsticks™ I/O is a new terminal-block style I/O for the Operator Control Station (PIC). It can be used to expand the I/O capacity of any PIC, and it is very cost effective as remote I/O.

    Because Smartsticks I/O connects to any PIC PICCAN™ network port, it can be combined with SmartStack™ I/O to provide the best I/O selection for the application. And, output modules feature Electronic Short-Circuit Protection (ESCP).


    Compact DIN-rail Mounted:

    Smartsticks I/O is extremely compact, providing 16 and 32 point digital I/O in a package only 1.5" (39mm) deep and a footprint of 2"H x 4.5"W (50 x 116mm) or 2"H x 7"W (50 x 177mm). With its small footprint, Smartsticks I/O takes up very little panel space whether located in the main control panel or tucked away in a remote location.

    Smartsticks I/O has a barrier style terminal strip and can be mounted on a DIN-rail. Plus, removable terminals make field replacement fast and convenient.

    Expands I/O Capacity, Local or Remote:

    From the miniPIC* to the Color-Touchscreen PIC, Smartsticks I/O easily expands I/O Capacity locally or remotely, 
from the miniPIC* to the Color-Touchscreen PIC, Smartsticks I/O easily expands the I/O capacity of any PIC utilizing the PICCAN network port available with every model. It is especially cost effective when added to a miniPIC.

    Smartsticks I/O offers fast response times without sacrificing robustness, with no need for a costly I/O interface unit. In addition to its peer-to-peer capabilities, PICCAN is used as a highly efficient method of distributing Smartsticks I/O up to 6000 ft* * away.

    Easy to Set Up-Easy to Configure:

    Time and complexity to configure most remote I/O systems is a drawback. Smartsticks I/O greatly reduces setup time. Just assign a unique ID to the I/O module using the integrated rotary switches, connect a 5-wire shielded cable, and add a single, simple function block to your PICware™ control program. You'll be up and running in no time.

    Smartsticks Specifications  
    ItemSmartsticks – I/O Specifications 
    Bus ProtocolPICCAN 
    Bus Connector5 – position terminal strip 
    Maximum Distance1500 ft (500m) per segment; 4 segments max 
    Maximum Number of Nodes253 
    Module Configuration MethodModule ID set using two rotary switches 
    LED IndicationI/O status (one per point); power, module status, network status 
    Output ProtectionElectronic Short-Circuit Protection (16 and 32 Output modules only) 
    Product CertificationsCE, UL (digital only) 
    Smartsticks Part Number  
    Part Number Description
    Fixed TerminalsRemovable Terminals 
    HE550DIM610HE559DIM61016 DC Inputs (24vdc, pos/neg logic)
    HE550DIM710HE559DIM71032 DC Inputs (24vdc, pos/neg logic)
    HE550DQM601HE559DQM60116 DC Outputs (24vdc, neg logic, 0.5A)
    HE550DQM606HE559DQM60616 DC Outputs (24vdc, pos logic, 0.5A)
    HE550DQM701HE559DQM70132 DC Outputs (24vdc, neg logic, 0.5A)
    HE550DQM706HE559DQM70632 DC Outputs (24vdc, pos logic, 0.5A)
    HE550DQM602HE559DQM60216 Relay Outputs (250vac, 30vdc, 2.0A)
    HE550DIQ811HE559DIQ81116 DC Outputs (24vdc, neg logic, 0.1A, ESCP not available)
     HE559ADC97012 channel Analog Inputs (current and voltage)
     HE559MIX5774 channel In/2 channel Out(current and voltage)
     HE559MIX9778 channel In/4 channel Out (current and voltage)