Enable Innovation

    The benefits of a Modari custom controller can encourage and enable new solutions to old design and manufacturing problems.

    Case Study

    Who: Leading manufacturer of salt spreaders and snow plows.

    Problem: Traditional salt-spreader controls require high-current wiring that passes through the floorboard of a truck to connect the user interface to the motor being controlled. The customer hoped to create a product that could integrate the necessary functionality of the motor control without wiring between the user interface and the motor control power electronics.

    Solution: Praestar Technology designed, manufactured, and tested a unit that would control the motor used for the salt-spreader while having a wireless (Radio Frequency) connection between the user interface and the motor control module.

    Benefits: The customer received a unit that would be sold through its national distribution network that provided reliable control of the salt spreader without the need for wiring through the floor of the vehicle.